Fancy becoming a thriving front-end developer? I can help. And if you already are – how about an upgrade? I've helped Timur Chernikov to grow from var to declarations to understanding key JS concepts in 9 sessions. Now he's able to build React projects on his own, using immutable state and the succinct functional approach.

I'm Ivan, maker of – the calendar for Dreamers and an awesome notepad. Loved by Product Hunt and included into FastCompany The 15 Best Productivity Apps of 2020. More details in the CV.

While I'm working on Lightpad's sales, I can offer you flexible assistance in your self-education. I'll help you to build a learning plan, chew down the hardest moments, offer the best resources, suggest exercises, and ensure you have the most joyous learning. DM me for a free 30m trial session. I've already helped Timur Chernikov to learn front end essentials and he's happy about it.

  • Front-end essentials. Get this bread with: React, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, APIs, Node
  • CS basics: data structures, algorithms, propositional calculus, set theory, graph theory, complexity.
  • Modern CSS – Grid & Flexbox layouts, columns, transformations, BEM naming for happier projects
  • Speed and security. Get the most out of your web-server. Proper SSL configuration (strong ciphers, protocols, etc), website speed up strategies (gzip, SSL, stapling), how to audit performance, and how to improve it.
  • Soft skills, that will make you a happier human-developer: feedback-loop optimization, architecture, product planning, system-thinking.
  • ClojureScript. You know JS basics but want to up your game? ClojureScript can help you to get prototypes and products delivered faster while making you a happier developer with its shortest-in-industry feedback loop. Offer includes:
    • REPL – perhaps, the best developer tool in existence, surpassing typed compilers.
    • Immutable data structures. Arguably, usage of immutable data structures prevents more software errors than typing. Immutability enables data history and easier cause-effect analysis for debugging software or building features.
    • re-frame: a framework for reactive front-end architecture. Easily build composable, reactive data trees, that are cheap to test and a pleasure to work with. View layer here uses reagent, which, in turn, uses React, allowing you to use its ecosystem.
    • Testing strategies & CI. I'm working with Karma CI and looking towards Cypress.
  • Clojure. Clojure is addictive but, unlike many other addictions, it brings you money, friends, and working projects. Develop backend and desktop-Java apps fast. For me, the average time for testing my changes to a function in Clojure is below a second.
    • Intro to Clojure, rationale, approaches, philosophy, main libraries, testing.
    • REPL and immutability – see ClojureScript section.
    • Basic API design with Ring and Compojure
    • Spec. Where popular typed languages exercise a restrictive approach to typing, Clojure offers an orthogonal approach to specifying function behavior and data shapes. It allows you to ensure the correct shape of things while preserving the freedom of dynamic typing. Spec includes many other features that would require additional refined-types libraries.
    • Temporal databases. Most popular DBs of today, when you edit any record will just replace it with new data. Old data gets by lost. This is because most DBs are designed for yesterday. Let's get over this nonsense and learn how to keep a history of every record. Package includes Datalog query language, Datomic (database), and Crux (database).
  • SQL basics. Queries, tables design, foreign keys, constraints.
  • Vim. One of the most powerful text and code editors available on all major platforms. You can learn it yourself and have more joy in your life. Many programs actually emulate Vim keybindings and you can use Vim-mode in browsers and other IDEs.
  • Terminal and UNIX-systems basics. New to developing on macOS or Linux? You can get a LOT from them. We will set up your environment, shell, aliases, profiles.
  • Tmux. Get 10x more from your terminal with panes, tabs, and sessions. tmux is available on most remote machines.



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