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Ivan Fedorov

Software developer with 11 years of experience. Expert in web-systems, with focus on the front-end and UX.

Muscovite, 29 years old.

Bachelor of business informatics, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

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Extensive knowledge and understanding of modern JS APIs and CSS features. Complex event-driven UIs, React-Redux UIs, CSS animations, Grid, Flexbox, sophisticated styling.


Able to create prototypes of web pages fast to advance the vision of a product or a feature.


Experience in building server-side systems using Clojure (preferred), Java, JavaScript, C#.


Familiar with combinatorics, probability, graphs, set theory, linear algebra, computational complexity.


Previously configured Linux systems and their software: Docker, MySQL, Nginx, Java, PHP. Familiar with nuances of Nginx and SSL security and performance; like OCSP stapling, CSP Policy, ciphers, HSTS, Let's Encrypt tech.


Familiar with .NET WPF technology. Previously built Windows desktop UIs

Experience and projects


Innovative calendar for the creatives. website

Founder, full-stack developer

October 2018 — active

Lightpad is a calendar with a linear ascending layout, color-schemes and notes.

5th of the day on Product Hunt on June 2nd 2020 (Tuesday). See post.

Featured in 15 best productivity apps of 2020 on FastCompany. Article.

Clojure: Ring, Korma
ClojureScript: Reagent, re-frame
Home-grown: layout engine, client-server data sync via diffs.


London / Milton-Keynes based software consultancy specialised on Clojure. website

Senior Developer

March 2019 — October 2019
Participated in Crux – a modern bi-temporal database. Developed Console UI, contributed to core features, improved integration with Declarative Dataflow – realtime update streaming engine. So far, JUXT is among my favourite employers, with devoted attitude, bright people and the right structure. See a recommendation letter by Jon Pither (JUXT CEO) on Linked In.
Tech: Clojure, ClojureScript, Datalog

Odoro Inc.

Scheduling engine for medical enterprises and more. website

Senior Developer

April 2017 — March 2019
Tech: React, Redux, Go, Java, Sass


Same day delivery startup. website

Senior front-end developer

November 2015 — March 2017
  • Developed international front-end for Russia, UK, India, China, South Korea
  • Improved delivery speed
  • Minimised core codebase
  • Updated legacy front-end code
  • Assisted design process, produced UX prototypes
Tech: MySQL, PHP, PHTML, Vanilla JS, LESS (+ responsive), bash scripting


[project]. Gadget repair service located in Bremen. website

Full-stack developer

June 2016 — June 2017
Built SEO-optimised website with for Bremen gadget repair service.
Tech: Clojure, Garden (+ responsive), Hiccup, JS

64 Studio.

[project]. Graphic design agency/art blog.

Full-stack developer

May 2016 — September 2016
A website for a Europe-scattered Russian-speaking digital agency. The website is written in Clojure including stylesheets, which are generated by Garden. The website was closed later, so only a few layouts are left e.g.
Tech: Clojure, Garden (+ responsive), Hiccup, JS


Next-gen note-taking and planning platform, currently frozen. website

Founder, full-stack developer

July 2014 — January 2016
Ognivo is a web-notepad with hierarchal tags, planning and social features. The core feature is hierarchal tags, which enable precise tagging, and help to develop better structure of user data. They also allow to manage content access and visibility.
From the tech perspective, project features a home-made data framework, real-time sync between users over WebSocket, home-made UI and UX.
Tech: Clojure: Ring, Korma, Compojure, Hiccup, Hickory, zippers, Aleph, Lamina, image-scalr.
MySQL, Jetty 9, CoffeeScript, JS Websockets, Stylus (+ responsive), RequireJS, Grunt, bash scripting, Google Page Speed Insights; Nginx administering, optimization and security tuning; Let's Encrypt, Ubuntu, Java (ditched), NodeJS (ditched)


Same day delivery startup. website

Senior front-end developer

February 2014 — July 2014
Full front-end job stack: developing a set of components, maintaining consistent user experience throughout the whole site. Major rewrite of the front-end code to meet modern standards of the time: modules, bundles, minification, gzip.
Content delivery analysis and optimization.
Tech: PHP, CoffeeScript, Stylus, JS, Require.js, Grunt, CSS (+ responsive), bash scripting, Google Page Speed Insights


Badoo-like dating platform. website

Front-end developer

January 2014 — February 2014
Developed a few components, including Facebook login, and JS webcam photobooth
Tech: JS, Google Closure Library and Compiler, JS Webcam API, SASS, Facebook widgets, NodeJS

Musical wave.

Moscow musical school network. website

Full-stack developer

October 2011 — May 2013
Developed an online accounting application for the school management team. The job included customer interviews, front-end and backend development, server administering
Tech: Java, Tapestry 5, MySQL, Glassfish, Spock, Groovy, Selenium, Ubuntu

Git projects


Into coffee, hikes, elements, ontology, Plato, fatty whole foods.