Oh, hi. I'm Ivan, maker of Lightpad.ai – the calendar for Dreamers and an awesome notepad. Loved by Product Hunt and included into FastCompany The 15 Best Productivity Apps of 2020.

Welcome to my playground, home for my web-experiments, from tiny to medium ones. They're mostly written in Clojure[Script].

I like light design and light art, e.g. Olafur Eliasson or the "Luci d'Artista" festival in Turin. Other likes include Kenyan filter coffee and the elements.

Web Force #1

Want to build something elegant? You've came to the right place. Apart from the experience listed in the CV, I can provide additional brainpower for your frontend (Timur Chernikov) and have access to a Clojure developers pool. Ping me on Twitter or an email to hello@spacegangster.io


Want to become a successful front-end developer or up your game? I can help you to master essentials (React, CSS, HTML, JavaScript), advanced topics (architecture, data structures, immutability, Clojure[Script]), and soft skills for productivity and happiness (feedback loop optimization, prototyping, planning, system thinking).

DM me or send an email to hello@spacegangster.io for a free 30m trial-session.

More details on mentoring here.



Lightpad Tasks v3

Timeflow Expanded

Masonry grid 1

Outliner (desktop only)

Tiles grid (desktop only)

Pulsating frames mk2

Pulsating frames

New perspective oscillator

Sigma JS play

Isometric preloader

Logo Glitch

Deuxième Acte


Preloader #3

Calendar 6

Calendar 5

Calendar 4

Lightpad 500

Perspective Oscillation

Note design

Second preloader

Round crosshair

Société française

Waving cubes

Waving cubes 2


Lightpad note designs


Star system


Calendar 3

Calendar 2

Fleur de lis

Calendrie 1

и остынут звёзды

Another notes app

KS parallaxed


Mobile UX for DV


Chekhov POP

Chekhov POP 2

Reordering and removing

Spacegangster parallaxed 2

:64 Studio website mockup

Lasers (quote and parallax)

Parallax study 3

Parallax study

Parallax study 2

Life is suffering

Light driven



SG Helvetica

SG with stars